Edition May 2016


Jan van den Brom
Founder and managing partner of Agiboo
Agiboo provides the ‘next generation’ of CTRM (Commodity Trade and Risk Management) solution with a dedicated focus on the Agricultural and Soft commodity industry. Jan has his background in CTRM and Trade finance solutions since 1998. In 2009 he founded Agiboo as a response to the increased demand of a CTRM solution with an easy to understand user interface, but even more important: allowing specific functionality support for certain industries. His vision is that CTRM products should embed an in depth knowledge of
commodity trade business processes.
After being CTRM implementation consultant for many years before the founding of Agiboo, Jan has a strong believe in a product approach, where systems are flexible and adaptable to the needs of commodity traders and purchasers as well as risk managers. In addition he feels that latest technology should support and help a CTRM solution proposition. Jan graduated as a technical software engineer at the Hogeschool van Utrecht and followed this with an MBA at the Business School Netherlands. Currently he keeps outlining the product strategy of Agiblocks CTRM and connecting CTRM business needs with new technology possibilities.


Mike O’Dea
Commodity Risk Manager at INTLFCStone
Rory Deverell is a commodity risk manager with INTLFCStone with 10 years’ experience
analysing, trading and risk managing agricultural and biofuel markets. Rory holds a degree
in Agriculture and a doctorate in Agricultural Economics from University College Dublin.
In 2008, Rory was awarded a Fulbright scholarship to further his research at the
University of Minnesota.
Rory began his career with FCStone in Minneapolis, and returned to Europe to assist in
developing the INTLFCStone European Offices. In 2013, Rory left INTLFCStone to join R&H Hall,
Ireland’s largest importer of animal feed ingredients as a trader of grains and protein meals.
Rory returned to INTLFCStone Dublin office and works with many of Europe’s largest biofuel
and agricultural companies to manage their price risk through effective market analysis,
education and use of financial hedges.


Jaime Nolan Miralles
Senior commodity risk manager at INTLFCStone
Jamie is responsible for developing comprehensive and proactive price risk management
solutions for the European grain and oilseed commercial sector. Margin protection and stability
remain Jaime and his client’s core focus, always striving for the most effective, conservative and
beneficial risk/reward price risk management strategies.
Having studied for a degree in financial services at Dublin Business School, Jaime commenced
his career with INTLFCStone. Prior to that, Jaime worked as an open outcry pit trader, trading
foreign exchange futures markets, at the New York Board of trade’s Finex floor, situated in
Dublin. Today, Jaime’s client’s base is represented by the full grain & oilseed chain, from
producers, through to processors and out to end users and spans the full breath of the
European market and further afield. Jaime has worked closely with some of Europe and the
world’s leading organisations such as GAFTA, the European Flour millers association, IGFA and
more recently USSEC, to deliver high level education on real time grain and oilseed price risk
management for commercials.
In addition to being charged with growing INTLFCStone leading position as Europe’s leading
commercial grains & oilseed price risk management partner, Jaime has also spent the last four
years developing our Flagship “EU Grain and Oilseed Market Advisory program”. This program
allows our clients to access comprehensive, up to date European specific information and
analysis on the market.


Global Market Outlook for grain and oilseed complex. (INTL FC Stone)

  • Drilling down from Global level to EU for the grain and oilseed complex.
  • Country specific S&D evaluation – Poland -Wheat/Corn/Rapeseed.
  • Open discussion and opinions shared from all participants for Poland segment.

Introduction to Hedging. (AGIBOO)

  • What is hedging – the Polish Commercial grain and oilseed context?
  • Understanding price volatility – Poland Grain and oilseed market.
  • Defining available tools for hedging within Poland.
  • Understanding the hedging market infrastructure:
    a) Futures Exchange,
    b) Futures contracts & Futures markets,
    c) The cross hedge,
    d) Clearing House / members. Hedgers and speculators – what it means to you?

Understanding Basis – Risk Management in Poland (INTL FC Stone)

  • The three outcomes of a hedge and how we can reduce our price risk around our operational margin.
  • What is basis? – Moving from theory to reality.
  • Implication of basis in Poland.
  • When should we hedge with futures? Why? How much?
  • Evaluating when not to work with futures?  Is it better to stay in physical market?
  • Should you work with options?

Risk Management workshop (INTL FC Stone & AGIBOO)

  • Basis Hedging continued – worked case studies and shared open debate/forum
  • Applying theory to practice – hedging in today’s Polish Grain environment

Discussion panel on Risk Management in Poland (INTL FC Stone & AGIBOO)

  • Final thoughts and ideas for future.
  • Networking and professional information exchange.

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